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Where the banners show

Started by admin 2023-03-26 at 09:19
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1. Header
At the top of the site, where it's easiest for other users to see your banner.

2. View ads
While the user views another ad, your banner will show up right next to the confirmation button. This increases their likelihood of paying attention to your banner.

3. Withdraw tab
At the withdrawal tab, your banner will be displayed, this is a surreal advertising position, because making a withdrawal will make users notice the banner around. It doesn't show up continuously like the main header or footer position so it saves your credit.

4. Footer
At the bottom of the page, your banner is arranged above other partners' banners. This area is of primary interest to users and visitors when viewing proof of payment.

5. Home page
Right at the home page, the first place the user can reach it is in the center of the screen without having to scroll the page.
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